A plane departed an airport climbing at a rate of 400 ft./min. if the airport elevation is at 850 feet above sea level choose the function below that will get there at altitude of the plane above sea level a as a function of time T in the minutes after departure as a point continues to send it

Accepted Solution

Answer:f(T) = 400*T + 850 Step-by-step explanation:We dont need to see the function to know the equation of your problem.We know that the climbing rate is400 ft/ minThis means that for each passing minute, the plane is 400 feet higher in the air.We are also told that the airport is 850 ft above sea levelThis is the starting elevation for the plane.The problem can be described by a line with the following form.f(T) = 400*T + 850 Where T is the time in the minutes after departure.Please see the graph of the equation below.