Maria needs to buy cat food. At Save Rite, cat food costs $5.25 for 3 cans. Spend Less offers cat food at $7.50 for 5 cans. Maria buys 15 cans from the store with the lowest price. How much did she pay? A. $8.57 B. $10.00 C. $22.50 D. $26.25

Accepted Solution

Answer:CStep-by-step explanation:First, in order to find the lowest price, you have to find the cost for 1 can in each store.Save Rite: Since it is $ 5.25 for 3 cans, you divide 5.25 by 3. The quotient is 1.75. So, the price is $ 1.75 per can.Then you do the same for Spend Less.Spend Less: Since it is $ 7.50 for 5 cans, you divide 7.5 by 5. The quotient is 1.5. So, the price is $ 1.50 per can.Since Save Rite's price for one can is $ 0.25 more than Spend Less, it is more expensive.  So in order to see how much she paid for 15 cans from the cheapest store, you would have to multiply 15 by 1.5. The answer is 22.50.The answer is C